We believe in you Michael

Michael showed us how to change people through love, to heal the world through love, with acts of kindness, he helped a lot to smile again, even with many problems, all those who crossed his path always leave with a smile, Eternal Michael is not only a star but a human and an angel .
Peter Pan Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do . We believe in you forever.

Michael Jackson : "One more chance"

Michael Jackson is still present in our hearts! We know that an album of unreleased Michael Jackson is scheduled for late November.

Sony has also announced the release on 22 November, a 3 DVD box set which features 40 videos, clips or all of the late star. The publisher announced that "the videos will be available in colors restored and remastered sound."

But this package will also include an unreleased track: "One more chance," a clip that Michael Jackson was shot in 2003. The video shoot was arrested while Michael Jackson was responding to suspicions of pedophilia. The song was written by R. Kelly.

We can not wait to find out.
In the meantime, here's montage by fans who made the buzz on the web ...

Oh My God I can not wait to see these DVDs
I can not wait to see your video "One More Chance", the one you had to drop a case because you got so hurt.

Michael we'll be there for you always!!

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