We believe in you Michael

Michael showed us how to change people through love, to heal the world through love, with acts of kindness, he helped a lot to smile again, even with many problems, all those who crossed his path always leave with a smile, Eternal Michael is not only a star but a human and an angel .
Peter Pan Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do . We believe in you forever.


Hello Moonwalkers .....

2003 was a black year for all of us. one year where our King was unjustly accused of sexually abusing a child...From the beginning we knew that he was innocent, but unfortunately it was not enough to acquit Michael.
All the evidence was false and in 2005 Michael was finally cleared of 13 charges against him.
Unfortunately it was not enough to clear his name, even after having been acquitted, the media continued soiling his name, insulting and slandering Michael.
All the love and innocence had been poisoned through the media, they used against Michael, what Michael had more precious "innocence".
Today like every other day during this long trial, we must clean up his name.
We will help our friend William J. Wagener with his project .

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The Story ( original site's text )

Many people can remember the incident
in the year 1993 well, when for the first
time the horrible charges were brought
against Michael Jackson – about an issue
that has always been connected with purity and perfection for him: the children
of our world.
The worst crime that human can think of
he had been accused of – child abuse!
In 2003 new accusations had been
brought against Michael and in 2005 a
suit had been filed. After a 5 months trial
Michael had been released in every one of
the 14 single charges. His fans and everyone who knew him personally had
known before that he was innocent.
Still, the doubts among the non – fans
have never really been resolved, because
the media had kept spreading the topic
for their sensationalism. So the truth kept

The Project ( original site's text )

MJJIFF was established as a „non – profit“ organisation in the state of Utah on
January 10th, 2011. The reason for choosing this place is that in Utah film productions are about 35% less than in California.
IMPORTANT: The film HAS to be financed through donations only, so the
FILM RIGHTS and advertising REVENUES will exclusively be of benefit for
For this project it´s NOT important that
only few people donate a big amount of
money but the mass of fans of whom
every single one donates a small amount
It´s still a long way to go. But we´re
convinced it´ll be worth it! If the project
will be realized the earnings will be donated to the charities that Michael has
always been supported through his
whole life.
In case the money that the fans donate
won´t be enough to create the film, then
it´ll go to these same charities.

This project is the ultimate chance for
the legacy that he has fought for during all his life!!!

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